Album Credits:

Release Date:  April 10, 2012
Produced by DMM
Recorded & Mixed by Kevin Ratterman
Mastered by Shelley Anderson
OK Catalog number: OK-003

Joan Shelley:  Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele, Wurly, Vocals
Ben Sollee:  Bass & Cello
Dan Dorff, Jr.:  Drums
Cheyenne Marie Mize:  Violin, Banjo & Vocals
Joe Manning:  Electric Guitar & Vocals
Julia Purcell:  Guitar & Vocals
Nathan Salsburg:  Guitar
Kevin Ratterman:  Electric Guitar World
DMM: Guitar, Key, Whistle

Joan Shelley

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Ginko is Joan Shelley’s much anticipated OK Recordings debut.  The stellar performances delivered by Joan and her backing band (featuring Ben Sollee, Cheyenne Marie Mize, Dan Dorff, Jr. and several other amazing musicians) mark an artistic turning point and are further testament to the great music coming out of Louisville, Kentucky.  (Read Archivist Nathan Salsburg‘s take on the project right here.)

The album ranges from gentle moments of quiet beauty (Into the Sea), to crushing drums (Ginko) and swirling strings (Siren).  And at the center of it all is Joan’s singular voice and brilliant songwriting.  These works move agilely between darkness & light, hovering just long enough to draw us in and keep us rapt and curious to hear what will come next.  There are worlds in each of the 11 songs presented here, and we’re able to look more & more deeply into them with each listen.

Captured for recording by Kevin Ratterman at The Funeral Home, Ginko sounds amazing.  It manages to shimmer and feel well-worn all at once.

Listen to the album using the handy player at the left.  And then watch this live version of Siren recorded in, of all places, a car wash:


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Tour Dates

January 1, 2014 // Visit for Joan's up-to-date show schedule.

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