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Track List:

1. Pretty Fair Miss
2. Lord Bateman
3. Give Me Your Heart
4. One Morning in May
5. Old Stepstone
6. In the Shadow of the Pines
7. Storms Are on the Ocean
8. Jubilee*

Joan Shelley, Julia Purcell,
Cheyenne Mize, & Dan Dorff, Jr.

Released April 2016
Catalog Number OK-013

DMM -- Archives Vol. II, Old Stepstone

Archives Vol. II is a collection of old ballads & love songs, recorded in Hardin County, KY during the winter spanning 2011 & 2012. Each homemade CD (with chipboard case) is handwritten & stamped, with a photograph glued to the cover.  A very small number of the very limited number made (only 500!) are available online, right here.

Read the beautiful Liner Notes by Marianne Worthington

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Tour Dates

January 1, 2016 // For up-to-the-minute tour & show information, visit: http://www.danielmartinmoore.com/site/tour

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