Album Credits:

Produced, Arranged & Performed by DMM & Joan Shelley
Recorded & Mixed by DMM
Mastered by Kevin Ratterman
Designed by Dusty Summers
Cover Photo by DMM
Interior Photos by Michael Wilson

This album was recorded in December 2011 &
February 2012 at the FunRanch & The Casa in
Louisville, KY, mixed at the FunRanch and
mastered at the FunHome.

Daniel Martin Moore & Joan Shelley

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Farthest Field is a duo-project, as we like to say, and Joan calls it, “an album that lives entirely in a day-dream.”  Here‘s the full story of the album, told by the poet Marianne Worthington.  Give the record a listen at the left, there.  And watch this video, a performance of the first song from the album, recorded live in the historic Emery Theatre in Cincinnati, OH:


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Bio:  PDF (written by Marianne Worthington)

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